15 January 2010

Keeping Promises

So I was thinking about this blog, and I came to the decision that I could reasonably expect myself to post one entry a week to start off with. No one is reading it right now anyway, but someday they might. The thing about it is, I decided this two or three weeks ago, and then didn't do anything! Admittedly, that's just like me. I fully intend to do something....in a little bit, and then it doesn't get done until much later than I planned. Unless there is an actual deadline, then, I get it done before the deadline. So, I think I need to set a deadline for myself. I will post once a week, before I go to bed on Sunday night and the next week begins. That way you can hear about either a new recipe I tried, and old one that I just remembered, or the craziness that is going on in my life and how things are going on the baby-making front.

As to that - Still practicing a lot, but no goals scored. I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, and I'll certainly fill in the details then.

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