27 January 2010

Hope and Frustration

The funny thing about trying something new when you're trying to get knocked up, is that the moment you have a new plan, some part of you thinks that everything will be different this time, and miraculously you'll get pregnant. Then the rational part of your brain kicks in and says: What the FUCK are you thinking? This is pretty much how I feel about Metformin. Part of me really wants to think that it's going to just miraculously wor, and the other part of me knows better. Plus - Metformin has finally stopped making me feel like shit or more literally like taking a shit(all the time).

The frustration part of things, is that my doctor finally called me back. The records she was going to look over have disappeared into the ether. They have the electronic records of my old visits, but the full records are missing, Except for the ones from one visit to another doctor in the practice - in 1997. So, joy of joys, I get to try and track down all of my old records from doctors from before this one... And I need to figure out what the heck happened with my last laparoscopy. It was apparently done by a doctor I don't remember ever having seen. SO I have nothing further to report. She doesn't have enough information to make a reccomendation, and I have learned that it costs between 70 sand $1 per page to get your own copy of your medical records. Another way that the healthcare system screws patients. Don't get me started.

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