06 August 2010

An unexpected evening

I guess that this is what happens when I go unsupervised. I'd tell you exactly why I'm here, in this very comfy bed, in the sexiest gown style of all time, but we just don't know yet. It's *not* a kidney stone. appendicitis is still on the table though. other than the fact that until they gave me morphine I hurt like hell, I'd say it's probably nothing.

But even here I'm an infertile. They ask if you might be pregnant before they give you a catscan... but, not so much of a worry for me, right?

The crazy part is that I keep thinking that the ultimate irony would be if I had an ectopic pregnancy. Crazier than that, part of me thinks that that wouldn't be all bad. I'd still be devastated though.

I'll fill you all in later, when I know something.

*UPDATE* nothing, no explanation, probably the endo.
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  1. You poor thing!!! So sorry for you and I hope you'll get well soon, whatever it is that keeps you in pain!

    Love, Fran

  2. Oh man, I am so sorry. I hope that you are feeling better.

  3. I am so sorry! Did you at least enjoy the morphine?

    When I had knee surgery last year they neglected to tell me I would have to pee in a cup, so I didn't save any, and wasn't allowed to drink any. I told them I had just gotten AF, and besides that, there was no way cuz of IF. I still had to summon forth enough pee prove it. Annoying.

    Feel better!

  4. Feel better!!!! I hope they prescribed some good drugs for you to take at home.


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