06 August 2010

Photo Friday: Travel

Not heading out to take new pictures this week - although you may be inundated after Jakobe and I got on vacation to the coast for the week of the 14th (I can't wait - it's going to be awesome!).  Instead, you get some interesting pictures that I took on trips last summer - and one extra!

Tis is from our first camping trip together - we went out for a drive in Mountains one of the days, and I took this picture while driving on a very unused dirt road in the middle of nowhere, North Idaho.
Driving back from my Birthday Weekend in McCall, Idaho last year.  We're going back there for a weekend in October this year - using it as a base to go fishing for Chinook.

Finally - a picture of me from the last time I went to Mount St. Helens (September 2005).  It was a great way to end a pretty rough weekend, and even though our drive back from Portland took 16 hours instead of 8 it was well worth it.

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  1. I love the mirror photo! And I want to go sede mt. St. Helens! Happy Photo Friday!


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