22 February 2011

Radcon - or how I get my geek on

I mentioned in passing that we attended a convention last weekend.  It was a science fiction and fantasy convention where I got to attend a couple of really interesting panels, one on the Kensington Runestone, and another on Victorian Medicine (we wrote down the time for the Neuroscience panel wrong, so I missed that one.)

More than a opportunity to attend panels, was the opportunity to come out of my mundane shell and get my geek on for a little while.  The theme was steam-punk, and I got to make a costume, mostly out of things I had around the house, but also some things I fabricated from scratch.  Radcon was our last hurrah, our time to be crazy before our IVF cycle, a mini-vacation that we sorely needed.  I drank too much, didn't get enough sleep, attempted to semi-supervise 5 teenagers, and had a blast.

I also got to take some pictures (it's more of an addiction) so, now I'm going to share them with you.

Jakobe and I in our costumes
Jakobe looking handsome
My baby sister in her costume
My friend made a Jetpack!

And Fire Dancers!  The name of the troupe is IGNITION.  I *sooo* want to do this...

Yay - dancing with flaming swords.


  1. Hello and Happy ICLW!

    Wishing you the best of luck with your upcoming IVF cycle. Sounds (and looks) like you had a ball at the convention!! Love the photos!!

  2. Love it! Steam punk is so awesome to me. We like to attend DragonCon in Atlanta. Best people watching ever!!!

  3. Stopping in for ICLW...looks like you had so much fun at the con! I am a sci-fi geek at heart, myself. I've always wanted to go to DragonCon or one of the Farscape cons (my husband *loved* Farscape).

    Also - just read the post before this one, and it made me cry. You have amazing friends!!

  4. How much fun! You guys look absolutely fantastic! And the fire dancing??? OMG, how sexy is that??? I am envious of them!

    I'm so glad you got a chance to get away and enjoy a little mini-vacation!

  5. Happy ICLW! I love that you got your geek on. How the heck did you put that costume together? Such creativity in all of your geek glory! And fire dancing? Holy cow to be able to do that!

  6. Good luck with your upcoming IVF cycle. I love geeks! and your costumes look awesome. We don't get many conventions in Australia but the next one that visits, I'll be there.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and happy ICLW to you too #25.
    P.S I have endo too and during my IF journey I found green tea a great comfort for the pain caused by it.

  7. Those costumes are awesome. I LVOE costumes :)

    and fire dancing, is SO sexy! We had a big NYE party a few years back and I tried really hard to get fire dancers to come, but it just didn't come together.

    Glad that you had a good time. We all need a chance to let our hair down and really have fun.

    and If I haven't said it before, I am really really excited about your IVF cycle.

  8. I fully support getting you geek on! I totally want to be a fire dancer too!

    ICLW #163
    infertility * adoption * hope

  9. I found the picture by chance and would like to clear things up if I may. I am the Fire swordsman from Radcon 5c, an I am not the leader of the troupe, I am just another performer in the troupe. I think the picture is awesome and would like a copy if I may

  10. @Neflheim Dog

    Thanks - that was just what I was told while I was at the con. I've changed the attribution. I can send you a higher resolution copy of the picture, just email me at jenni (dot) karlsson (at) gmail (dot) com.

  11. Looks like fun... thinking of you for your upcoming IVF cycle - "cycling" with you xo


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