01 February 2011

Getting started: Baby steps

Today was the first day where I could feel how close we are getting to actually doing this.  I've been diligently working toward it for months, and making money choices didn't really make it real.  Today though...  I started of my day at the RE, where it was morning monitoring.  I was about the 4th woman there.  And I feel so bad for everyone who arrived after I did, because it was a really bad day to follow me.  It took 5 different needle sticks to be able to draw blood for my CD3 labs - we were going to try and do the rest of my labs at the same time, but no such luck... And it too easily 20 minutes to do the one blood draw...  Meaning that by the time I got out of the phlebotomist's area....  there was standing room only in the waiting room.  Everyone was waiting for me to finish.  I'm So Sorry.

Before the start of a triathlon - Kind of how I feel today.
Then at work today, I had a meeting with HR to explain what was going on and to find out what my options were.  Unfortunately, they really wanted me to work things out with my boss' supervisor.  She Really, really doesn't like me.  I've yet to figure out why, but she feels like she has to watch my every move, and she has to pay extra special attention to me, and it's all negative.  No one but her has a problem with how I do my job, but she seems to have it out for me.  Plus - she's given my boss a very hard time for having been very ill this fall.  I didn't want to talk to her about it.  I couldn't see how it was going to end well.

I was VERY pleasantly surprised.

She seemed very supportive, and even came up with the idea of changing my scheduled shift while I'm doing IVF so that morning monitoring will hopefully not interfere.  No decisions were made today, but I feel much better about it now.  Maybe this will all work out.

Here's the current plan:

  •  Jakobe and I still have some blood tests to do.  We'll just go to the lab and have them done - Maybe Saturday morning.  
  • We have to pay them for the cycle and ICSI by February 28th.  I didn't quite make my goal of being able to pay for everything with cash, but we're not to far off.  We've got just shy of $12,500 in savings, and just over $3000 coming in a couple of weeks with our tax return.  That's all but $800 of the up-front cash for the clinic, and  then it's mostly Meds and incidentals...  and some of it will be reimbursed.    We'll be picking up a bit of debt, but not more than we can handle.    
  • I start BCPs with my next cycle.
  • IVF in April!
Finally - to finish off today's post, here are the lab results from today, not to shabby, I don't think.
  • FSH: 3.3
  • LH: 8.2
  • Estradiol: 36.3


  1. Great news, excellent fsh #! I am excited for you, April (and spring) is right around the corner!

  2. Fantastic levels :) Sorry for the blood draw issues :( I am excited for you to get started! Yay!!!


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