13 January 2011

Trusting in Justice and other news

First - the sad news:  it doesn't look like the adoption thing is going to work out for my sister.  A friend of her husband's family had become unintentionally pregnant and was planning to give the baby up for adoption, and her aunt suggested my sister and her husband.  Unfortunately, there's been no follow-up, so it's looking a lot less likely.

Second - a short version of why becoming insta-parents of a teenager would be the best way to solve a situation:  My youngest sister is 17, and her living situation right now is not the best.   Not terrible, but not good either.  Since my parent's separation and divorce 3 years ago, she's been shuffling around to friends houses, and is now currently living with her boyfriend.  I blame this mostly on my parents.  My mom - who left in such a way that my sister hardly spoke to her for almost a year, and my dad - who fell into such a deep depression that he lost his house, struggled to find work, and ended up living in the basement of one of my other sisters for 2 years. In any case - she's not going to school regularly, and living with her boyfriend and his parents isn't the best solution.  We would love for her to live with us, but she doesn't want to move and leave her friends.  So - not happening, yet at least.

Finally - to come back to the title of this post.  On New Year's Day, a young woman I'm very close to was violently raped.  For a while we weren't sure if the authorities would be able to do anything, even though she knew her attacker, and went to the hospital almost right away.  Turns out - he was arrested on Tuesday, and bail was set at $75,000 yesterday.  It's nice to see that the justice system is working.  Now I just have to trust that it keeps working.

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  1. So glad that the guy is behind bars, where he belongs! I am sure it gives your friend some peace of mind.


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