14 January 2012

Making Milk

So - yesterday was my appointment with the Lactation Consultant, and it went pretty darn well, she was pleased that we had a lot of time to work with - and careful to warn me that it's a lot of effort if the adoption doesn't go through.  She has her own modified version of the Newman-Goldfarb protocol, which is the protocol I'll be following.  I thought I'd share it here.  A - because it's important info to have out there, and B - so I don't forget it either.

I will be using domperidone (she prefers not to use Reglan, and it's contraindicated for me anyway) because I'm okay with ordering it online, and not freaked out by the slightly behind the government's back way of doing things.  She does say that the dom should be actually approved sometime next year.

So - Here's the plan:

  1. When we are about 12-13 weeks out from the due date, I start taking Yaz continuously.
  2. At 2-3 weeks before the due date, I start adding the dom.  
    1. Starting dosage for the dom is 2 tablets three times a day - continue at that dose for 5-7 days
    2. Continuing dosage of the dom is 3 tablets 3 times a day (can go slightly higher - max is 4 tabs 3 times a day)
  3. When we go to the higher dose of dom, we stop the Yaz, and start pumping and hand expression 8 times a day (and one of those will be in the middle of the night, if not 2).
I apparently respond much better to hand expression than I do to the pump.  With hand expression I can get drips right now, but the pump did nothing for me.  I know that the drips aren't usual for most people, but I've been a bit of a drip for like 8 years, so I guess I'm used to it.  I can hand express as I feel like it between now and when pumping begins.

The reason  that it's not a firm timeline is that some of it will depend on if it looks like she'd going to be here a bit early.  The lactation consultant also said that I should be prepared for the consultants at the other hospital - where she will be born - to be less than helpful.  She would like the birthmom to express colostrum to be spoonfed for the first couple of feedings - and for me to suckle as well.  I know that after that she plans to pump for a little while to give us some breast milk.

Finally - she very much says that I need to rent a hospital grade pump, so I'm going to have to figure out which one that needs to be.  The Symphony one from the Hospital is $80 a month, and insurance won't help out until after the baby is here, there's another one I was looking at that is $45 for the first month, and then $25 a month after that, but she wanted to make sure that it was one she felt would work well.  I'll probably hear from her next week sometime.

In a bit of awesome news - my authorization letter for the Lactation consultant arrived in the mail last night - I'm approved for 15 visits in the next year, so we shouldn't have a problem on that end.  I'll likely be able to go right away after she comes home.

That's the plan. 


  1. This is all really, really cool. Science is amazing!!! Good luck with everything.

  2. I wish you all the best. The plan sounds great. This whole adoption process amazes me. You are amazing, and words cannot describe my feeling for the birth mother. What a gift she is giving.. Wow!

    As for b'feeding, I always ended up ditching the pump and doing it myself. Was able to squeeze more (sounds gross), but then I didn't have to stand up near a power outlet with the loud buzzing. Good luck, b'feeding is damn hard. Well was for me.

  3. Oh my goodness I am so happy you finally have good news! So awesome!

  4. breastfeeding or not, YOU are going to be an amazing mama to this baby. and I have to say that I am super impressed that your insurance is supporting the effort!


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