11 January 2012

Enter the whirlwind

Sometimes life just goes crazy on you, and the whirlwind comes and picks you up and takes you off to Oz.  That's about how I'm feeling right now.  The possible adoption that I mentioned before our IVF in the fall - they approached us again - We thought it had been taken off the table, and they thought we had decided not to.  Turns out we were both wrong.  So now I'm inhabiting the crazy world of trying to get the lawyer/home-study and everything else done.  Right now.  Why? because I'm a little bit paranoid about forgetting things, and because we're now expecting a little girl in May.

Is this the appropriate moment to say "Holy Sh*t!"?

In any case.  We all have an appointment with the Lawyer next Thursday, and I have an appointment with the Lactation Consultant this Friday.  We got most of our home-study packet last night, and I, at least, have started working on it.  To be fair, Jakobe was busy after it got here last night, and then he was at work today, so I can't expect him to have done all that much :)

I'm excited, and nervous, and scared.  I made my best friend go looking at BRU last night to burn off nervous energy.  No.  I did not buy anything.  I keep thinking off all the million things that we have to do, and worrying that we're not going to be good enough for the social worker, and we won't have a clean enough house (I'm thinking about enlisting M-I-L to that end.)

As a side note, it was amazing how un-monumental our appointment with the RE on Monday felt.  Basically, he didn't tell us anything we didn't expect to hear.  We're a little bit screwed on that front.  Oh well.  He still couldn't burst my bubble.

Anyway - anyone with experience with adoptive breastfeeding.  Let me know how your experience went.  I'm curious, and that's my plan.

Also - the expectant parents are wonderful and generous beyond words, and I can't express how much what they are doing means to us, and how sad I am for them at the same time.  I can't imagine.


  1. This post gave me chills - oh my gosh, congratulations! This is such exciting news and I wish you all the happiness in the world.

  2. Wow wow wow!!! Huge congrats. Far out! This is very exciting and nerve damaging news for you! Best wishes with everything. I've never even heard of adoptive b'feeding! That is amazing. That will be a wonderful thing for you to be able to do. So what happens now with your own baby making plans? I'm so excited and confused, can't wait to read updates. Take care..

  3. I am so excited for you! I'm on my phone right now so I can't link anything. Sarah over at A Child to Call Me Mama is breast feeding her adoptive son. She's amazing and I'm sure can help you in many ways. You might be able to find her on my blog roll. I haven't updated it in awhile so her old name is probably still listed, Babies Everywhere but None That Call Me Mama. Check her out and good luck!

  4. I'm at work now and here is Sarah's link - http://callmemama.wordpress.com/

    I'm sure she'd be very happy to help you out with information.

  5. WoW!!! Best of luck with the home visit, adoption, and the bfeeding. I've heard of many adoptive moms who have been able to make it work, if they have enough lead in time like you do. I'm so excited for you!!!

  6. Such exciting news! OMG! I truly hope you get to bring home this little babe in May! Congratulations!

  7. @TeeJay

    Thanks for pointing out her blog to me - I've gone back and read a whole lot of it. It's been very helpful, and very enlightening.

  8. How exciting!! I hope everything goes well with BFing and getting everything ready. I'm so happy for you:)

  9. Holy COW!!! I saw a post on FB about purchases and realized I missed something in my sleep deprived absence since baby q arrived. HOLY COW! CONGRATULATIONS. This is amazing news and I am So over the moon excited for you and J.


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