12 October 2010

Not such a great idea

I'm not absolutely sure how I should present this here - but I told Jakobe I was going to share it, becasue something this outrageous cannot go without being shared.

He has had a brilliant idea on how to make me feel better.

Are you ready?

Cause it's a little bit out there...

Does this help?

Or maybe this?

Still a bit stumped? - or too chicken to guess?...

His suggestion:  We should shove a fertilized egg up my (*&^% so that I can lay an egg, hatch a chick, and get to experience motherhood in some form...

yep - He really said that.

To give him credit - He was trying to make me smile, and he certainly got a reaction.

1 comment:

  1. HI Jenni - I was thinking about you today and wanted to say hi. I hope that you are doing well.
    xoxo - Foxy


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