22 September 2010

4 million!!!

Jakobe had his repeat SA and the results showed marked improvement.  OTOH the nurse was quite surprised at my excitement - she kept saying "You know this isn't good, right?" and I had to tell her that it was so much better then before I had every right to be excited.

I don't have the full report, but here are the highlights:

Semen - Normal, no White blood cells, no agglutination, PH normal, liquefaction Normal

She didn't say anything about volume or concentration

And now for the good stuff!

Morphology: 3%
Motility (rapidly forward): 50%
Total Count (my guess): 8 million
Total Motile: 4 MILLION!!!!

That's a damn sight better than 20 thousand funny shaped sperm that sit there and wiggle.

Apparently the plan is still to continue with IVF with ICSI  - but when we get a little bit closer, I think it's something we'll want to talk about.  Is there a way to split the difference?

In other news:

  • I decided against ICLW this month, September is always really busy for me, and my night classes start today.
  • We now have about $7500 in savings, even after we had to put $1100 of work into Jakobe's car.  Oh well, you gotta know that things like that are going to happen.
  • I'm still unmotivated and a little depressed - and what's worse, I can't seem to work up the motivation to do something about it either.
  • We graduated from couples Counseling - at least until we start treatments, when we might need it again. 


  1. LOL. IF really puts a different perspective on things doesn't it? Congrats on the good news!!

  2. I'm happy you got a better result today! You definitely sound more hopeful in your post. I hope things continue to improve from here!

  3. That's a definite improvement! but as to the way forward in my opinion IVF with ICSI is the only option, it's still only 4 million which won't be near enough for IVF on its own. So happy for you though, we have to be celebrate any progress we see!

  4. Well, I am breathing a sigh of relief for you two, great news!


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