09 August 2013

All around the mulberry bush...

I wrote a whole post about how my marriage is falling apart, and we're doing IVF anyway, but decided that it was too depressing, and rambling and not at all funny.  Given the subject, I wonder why...

SO on the sunnier side of things.  My meds are here, I had my first cycle ultrasound this morning, and I think I had 10 antral follicles.(I'll get more accurate numbers when the nurse calls with my labs later today.)

I'm on a microdose Lupron flare protocol again this time, because it worked pretty well the last time. 

I'm feeling relaxed, and positive about this cycle.  Not positive as in I'm sure it's going to work (I'm thinking we're probably throwing money into a pit - it might throw up a baby in return, but it'll probably grin and belch instead) but positive as in, this is going to be okay.

Just to fill you in on details - and there's a bunch because I haven't been posting as frequently as I meant to.

My last Day 3 labs - May 9th:

  • Estradiol 41.9
  • FSH 7.6 
  • LH 3.5
  • FSH/LH ratio 2.1:1
  • TSH 1.22
My first labs from this cycle (before I stopped the BCP) - August 6th

  • Estradiol: 27.6
  • Progrsterone: 0.3
  • LH 3.5

Jakobe's Semen Analysis - end of July, results received August 7th

  • Total Count: 17 Million
  • Morphology: 3% (strict)
  • Motile Percentage: 18%
  • Motile count: 3 Million
  • 100% lack good forward progression

So - not a whole lot has changed since our last cycle almost 2 years ago - You know, other than my eggs getting older and more stale.  I'll post today's lab values a bit later.

One quick comment about the thing that makes this whole process a lot less stressful:

Isn't she adorable?


  1. Yes she is super adorable! So when do your stims start? I'm on day 7 right now :-/

    1. Stims start on Monday, Lupron starts on Sunday. You're a bit ahead of me.


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